The Hammer Museum presents The Mandala Project

Oh, what I would give to be in Los Angeles, California October 25 through November 7.

This is when The Mandala Project will take place, allowing viewers a rare opportunity to experience a complex tradition of Tibetan art that represents boundless compassion, purity and clarity. For this exhibition, a group of Lamas will take millions of brightly colored grains of sand and deliberately sprinkle them on a flat surface, creating a beautiful mandala throughout a 10-day ceremony.

Allow me to let the Hammer Museum explain mandalas further: “The mandala is a profound, universal symbol that translates literally to ‘center and its surroundings’ and is a physical representation of our interdependence, or the notion that everything and everyone is interlinked. Mandalas are found in many forms, but always include a circle, a central point, and some form of symmetry.”

True to a central theme of Tibetan teachings, the delicate mandalas will be swept, and then dispersed into the Pacific Ocean in honor of the impermanency of life itself.

Photos courtesy of the American Foundation for Tibetan Culture Preservation:

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