As Seen on TV

Artist newlyweds Justin Gignac and Christine Santora joined forces a couple of years ago on a project, Wants for Sale, wherein they paint items they’d like to own, sell them for the actual price of the objects and then buy the objects (a painting of a gold Nixon watch went for $287.19; Sleep, however, was free).

In 2007 they modeled Needs for Sale, a site that offers paintings of specific items that others need—for example, a painting of a fish to benefit City Harvest, a New York organization that “rescues” excess provisions from the food industry and distributes it to community programs.

Now they’re back with a new batch of acrylic-on-canvas works, the “As Seen on TV” series. This series includes the—you guessed it—infomercial-influenced ShamWow, the Chia Pet, Snuggie (pictured below), and so on. The set goes up for sale today at noon (EST); check out the site for details.


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