Big News from the Watercolor Artist Staff

Many of our readers can say their magazine collections go back to the days when we were known as Watercolor Magic, but were you there when we kicked off the decade with a particularly spectacular feature on painting water? Do you remember the day we spent with watercolor legend Milford Zornes, or the time we scoured the globe for the best watercolor advice and inspiration from painters around the world?
Until recently, the only way to put your hands on some of our most popular back issues was to bid for them on eBay, where they could fetch a hefty price. But with the advent of new technology, the game has finally changed. The staff of Watercolor Artist is now pleased to announce that we’ve made 10 years of our content available to you in digital format. We’ve worked hard to offer you a variety of different ways of enjoying these watercolor treasures from the past:

Visit our online library soon to take advantage of the special holiday deals. (Hint: Right now you can save up to 38% on our 10-year collection. Plus, we’re offering an additional 10% off through December 5th with coupon code SUPER7.)


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