Comment and WIN Watercolor Art Supplies!

Have you seen the September/October issue of Watercolor Artist yet? In it is a special section on new watercolor art supplies. Our friends at Jerry’s Artarama, Blick Artist Materials, Canson® and Dynasty Brush came together to let you know about some exciting new paints and brushes that you can add to your stash. Even better, they want to give a sample of each to one lucky winner.

It’s easy to win, them, too–simply tell us what inspires you to paint by commenting on this blog post below, and you’ll be entered!*

Free watercolor art supplies |

Here’s a sample of what you could win just by commenting below!

This contest ends August 18, 2016, so you have plenty of time to comment now and then share this with a friend as well (they’ll thank you for it!).

Here are the amazing watercolor supplies that you could win:

• Mimik Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Brushes from Jerry’s Artarama
• Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolors Lightweight Sketchers’ Box from Blick Artist Materials
• L’Aquarelle Canson® Héritage watercolor paper
• Dynasty New Faux Kolinsky Series Brushes

And highlights from this issue include: Watercolor Artist magazine |

• 4 Plein Air Sketching Tips
• Rethink Your Approach to Color
• 5 Ways to Get More From Your Brushes
• Express Yourself With Unexpected Color

Download Watercolor Artist here, and comment below now for your chance to win!

*US residents only, due to shipping costs and international contest rules and regulations.

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178 thoughts on “Comment and WIN Watercolor Art Supplies!

  1. Jeaniebeanie

    Nature and its beauty makes me want to paint to hold onto the vision as long as I can. The beauty of a Peony and its colors and the delicate shadows…. I live in Maine and I never get tired of painting harbors and the granite mountains. I was blind until I started to paint.

  2. Sarai Casas

    What Inspires me to draw?The life I see in a daily life what goes on in the world what makes everything so beautiful and stand out that everything has color!The whole world is art everything that revolves around me and every each and every one of us is a creation of god a painter who put all his effort in towards knowing exactly the color of the sky and the color of earth.So what inspires me to paint God the first painter to ever be…..!

  3. Chip

    What inspores me is living. So i try to draw things and people in my lofe that mean a whole lot to me. Since my grandma died i want to draw my family as a more personal pocture.

  4. sarahlydia

    Landscapes inspire me to paint, sunsets, mountains, lakes all of it is just beautiful and the minds eye captures it as we want to see it, which is what personalizes it so great!

  5. BobbeAlmer

    My inspiration begins with light and color playing off the landscapes of western Montana. From there, it is the look in the faces of the many children and adults that I share my painting skills with. It is so much fun to see the pride they feel after accomplishing a painting of their own.

  6. chiechieo

    What inspires me is my family,just living, amd small accoplishments. Like getting that nose just right or drawing something people think is beautiful and giving gifts of your art and seeing people happy about it.

  7. renanda

    The most unexpected things inspire me to paint. It could be a incredible sunset or a perfect leaf. Sometimes it’s a child’s happy go lucky smile.

  8. Blueccs

    I am inspired by life in general. I also am inspired by classical and tribal music. African tribal just brings me to life. I like simple beauty. I once did an india ink painting of a lotus flower floating on a pond. The painting was done across four panels. Just the flower and its reflection. so little and yet so much. I enjoyed putting the ink in spray bottles and slowly layering the colors on. I have always loved color and could not imagine life without it. Water color much like india ink spreads in such a wonderful way. Just watching it spread across the paper brings childlike wonder back to my world. It would be great indeed to again have watercolors to play with.

  9. MDarwin

    I love finding repeating patterns, like the spiral of shelf fungus climbing up a tree or the cracks and gouges in old concrete paths. Painting them helps remind me to notice my environment even if I’ve seen it before. Sometimes I must admit my greatest inspiration is making room for new supplies.

  10. Martha McAlister

    I am inspired to draw, sketch and paint by big skies and the drama that clouds lend to them; large landscapes and all the shapes and colors in the grasses, flowers, trees, and geological forms; flowers, either in manicured gardens or wildly strewn along the road sides or across fields, pastures and mountain meadows. I am inspired by watching other artists, the sight of paint boxes and palettes and imagining what those colors can become when put down on paper or canvas.

  11. Susie Risk

    Nature, colors, shades, hues, an open art journal, paints, watercolors, colored pencils, different types of paper, just the experience of not knowing how a piece of artwork will turn out, paint on my hands or viewing someone else’s art–all of these are inspirations for me.

  12. Picturedragon

    I am always inspired by the books I read. I tend to favor fantasy novels and my first serious forays into the world of watercolor were putting images to the magnificent dragons of Pern and the creatures of Narnia.
    I find inspiration in the antics of my cats as well, and the birds that taunt them through the windows.
    Music brings a fair portion of inspiration as well, the arts play nicely together, in my experience.

  13. ab39z

    I tend to look at the world in terms of line, shapes, color, and values. Sometimes I’ll stop, tilt my head a certain way, squint my eyes just so, and my wife knows I’ve seen something and am trying to figure out how to paint it. I’ve had people suggest painting certain subjects or styles because they sell or are the current style. My response always is the same, I don’t paint for money; I paint because I have to, because something’s trying to get out of me. My day isn’t complete if I haven’t held a brush for some period of time. What inspires me? Everything. I’ve learned that anything can be made beautiful and worthy of our attention when it gets the proper treatment in the hands of an artist.

  14. Metathriver

    What inspires me? I started painting about 8 months ago, never having painted before and at 58 years of age. Due to spreading terminal disease I can no longer dance which I used to do several times a week nor can I manage big quilting projects and my social life has diminished alongside. Classes, whether in a studio or online are my outlet and help me forget the pain and discomfort. The work gives joy to my family as they see my continuing interest in living a creative and beautiful life. Watercolors allow for creativity, they challenge my brain and at the same time is teaching me to let go of things I can’t control. I wish I had started sooner but then again, this is the perfect time. I am greatly inspired by my 88 year old uncle who started only three years ago and just opened an art studio. I would be delighted to share this prize with him.

  15. vrichmond

    I am new to watercolor and so enjoying all of it, experimenting with lots of things trying to find the style that is me. For right now im alowing myself to learn (and sometimes spectacularly fail!) And appreciating a new way of looking at light, shadow and color. Lovely supplies, thanks for the opportunity!

  16. AGR

    I started my painting life in watercolors, and since have dabbled in acrylic and oil – but nothing feels as natural as watercolor. Now that my children are older, I am painting more again and entertaining new commissions! I miss watercolor, but my supplies are sparse – and these are breathtakingly beautiful!
    I also want to introduce my daughters (who are artists in various media – clay, photography, acrylic, fabric, ink, etc.) with me on this journey and introduce them to watercolor painting!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  17. OmaBecky

    Do you remember the smell of a new box of crayons? I sure do! As long as I can remember I have been excited about color and those crayons were an open door of enticement for me. How many colors of green can I see? How blue is the sky today? What color is a smile? Asking myself such questions quickly became a way in which I learned about everything. My pulse quickens at the sight of a new set of paints. My brain gets excited to see a new art supply catalog in my mailbox. A pencil with a freshly sharpened tip can send me off into uncharted visions of drawings to make. My dreams are filled with images of art – some I have seen and loved – some simply imagined – and sometimes leaving me longing for my next painting. Always.

  18. lildipp

    I love to paint….draw….create….My inspirations come from everywhere I look from a baby’s face to an old oak tree…….My mind is constantly creating !!!!!!!
    Don’t know what I would do woth out my art it’s a part of my life…..It’s who I am……It’s Me!!!!!!!