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It’s easy to quickly scan over just about anything that you read online; we’re a fast-paced society. But I invite you to slow down, take a few moments and really look at what you’re seeing because today I’m featuring the portraits/figurative works of Denny Bond. They’re intriguing; the paintings themselves and the individuals featured in them deserve our full attention. Look at the details of these energetic portraits, breathe, and celebrate the fact that you, too, can (and probably do) create art that’s worthy of admiration.

watercolor figure painting by Denny Bond

Soaked (watercolor, 22×14) by Denny Bond

“Although most of my portraits are conceptual,” says Denny, “every now and then there’s one that just happens in passing. Soaked was photographed on a very hot day with several children crowding the fountains. Eliminating all but one child in the final painting, created a more intimate portrayal of a child enjoying the moment.”

Watercolor portrait painting by Denny Bond

Voyage (watercolor, 20×20) by Denny Bond

“My approach to a portrait requires emphasis on design and concept,” he adds. “Voyage is a self-portrait that captures the environment reflected on the sunglasses. After several hits and misses while taking the reference photo, I finally angled the camera and my head correctly. The clouds in the sky created an added bonus by visually creating abstract shapes that contrast the details of the faces.”

To expand your own skills, refer to Expressive Portraits: Watercolor and Mixed Media Techniques by Jean Pederson. Studying and learning are wonderful ways to let the rest of the world speed by as you explore your love of art.

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