Watercolor Advice and Inspiration at Your Fingertips

studio.JPGSpace-saving? Sure. Portable? Absolutely. But for my money the best advantage of having a year’s worth of magazine issues on CD is the handy search function.

If our research holds true, you likely keep every dog-eared issue of Watercolor Artist tucked away somewhere near your workspace—all within easy reach for when you need a little technical advice or motivation. That’s great if you know just what you’re looking for and exactly where to find it, or if you just want to browse your favorite issues for inspiration. But what if you’re struggling with your drybrush technique and need some advice? Even I can’t remember every time we’ve covered the topic over the course of a year.

The drybrush example is fresh in my mind because a reader recently asked me for information about that very technique. Straight away, I referred them to our article on Douglas Wiltraut in the October 2009 issue, as I remembered that drybrush was an integral part of his process. But before I let the reader go, I popped our 2009 Annual CD into my computer, typed “drybrush” into the search function window and found 9 other instances of various artists describing their uses of drybrush applications. I never would have been able to recall all of those references or find them by flipping blindly through the print issues. It was remarkable, even to me!

So keep those old issues of the magazine for quick reference in the studio and for times you just want to thumb through your favorite issues, but try adding the digital versions of the magazines to your collection, too. You may be surprised to find the wealth of information you already have at your fingertips; you just need to know where to look.

To make it even easier for you to take the digital plunge, we’re knocking 20% off the price of the 2009 CD (now just $15.99) through February 5th.

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