Watercolor Artist Readers Share Their Dynamic Designs

You’ll find Mary Todd Beam’s challenge to put your own creative spin on
basic compositions in the April 2010 issue of Watercolor Artist.
Now find out how readers responded to her call. The “editors’ choice”
and the winner of our prize (a six-month subscription to ArtistsNetwork.tv and $50 worth
of North Light fine art
books) is Catherine Hillis of Round Hill, Virginia,
with her painting, Round N’ Round (pictured above).

Hillis remarks of the process, “This is one of my favorite paintings.
It represents repetition with variety, one of the elements of design.
Even though this would be considered a realistic depiction of figures
traveling around and around the Reichstaag in Berlin, Germany, I was
attracted to the repetition of the glass shapes, the silhouetted
figures and the reflections that were bouncing off of each other. I
approached this piece abstractly, constantly considering how to draw
and paint form and shape and not the realism within.”

Congratulations are also in order for our talented runners up, whose paintings are featured on our website. Click here to learn how you can join the fun!


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