What We’re Thankful For at Artist’s Network University

by Beth Samek, Online Education Manager at Artist’s Network University

Now is most definitely a special time of year. It always warms my hear to see everyone taking a moment out of our way-too-busy schedules and let the people in our lives know how much we appreciate them! I’m sure in the coming days you’ll see plenty of Facebook posts and Twitter hashtags that spread the holiday feeling and gratitude. What a great way to kick-off this holiday season!

Thanksgiving is a great time for my family, with special traditions and recipes a-plenty (hopefully some left-overs too). It’s also a great time to renew our creative spirits, using some of that energy at our easels or in our studios. Whether it’s finishing a frustrating piece or trying out a new holiday craft, I hope you’ll take the time to make something great!

At Artist’s Network University we’re thankful for each of our students, people from around the world trying something new or furthering their education in their favorite medium. We’re also thankful for our instructors; fantastic artists in their own right all of whom take the time to answer questions each week, provide insight and guide artists on their creative paths, all from their own computers! It’s a special community we’ve created here, artists of all skill levels from all types of backgrounds and geographies!

Many artists might not put technology at the top of their “thankful lists,” but at Artist’s Network University we sure do! We’ve even created a Facebook group for our alumni and teachers to connect after their courses are over!

Our Facebook group is new, but growing, and we love to see the work that students share and the words of encouragement we see from instructors! I hope you’ll consider joining us and getting in on the conversation!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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