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Upcoming Art Chats with Linda Fisler

Art Chats with Linda Fisler
Next Art Chat topic is still in the works! 

Details for the next Art Chat are still being decided. While you wait: Be sure to check out the recording of our last exciting art discussion, provided below, featuring Steven DaLuz!

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The majority of the Art Chats can be found on the Artists Network YouTube page and in the player below. Scroll down for some older Art Chats that aren’t on YouTube!

Art Chats with Linda Fisler: Unleashing Your Creative Bounds, featuring Steven DaLuz:

Art Chats with Linda Fisler: American Impressionism with Debra Joy Groesser

Art Chats with Linda Fisler: Join Linda Fisler as she chats with the new President and CEO of the American Impressionists Society, Debra Joy Groesser. Linda and Debra will discuss American Impressionism and Debra’s art journey as well as the mission and goals of the American Impressionist Society. We’ll also discuss the benefits of joining art societies/associations, how judging for contests are conducted to name only a few topics. Join us for an enLIGHTening discussion!

Are You Ready for Gallery Representation? with Doug Eisele

Join Linda Fisler as she chats with Doug Eisele, owner of Eisele Gallery of Fine Art, one of the oldest and most respected galleries in Cincinnati, Ohio.   How do you know your are ready for gallery representation?  How should an artist approach a gallery?  Is there a proper way to pitch a gallery?   What should artists expect from the gallery?  What does the gallery expect from their artists?

The relationship between the gallery and artists is key to success for both parties.  Doug and Linda explore this relationship from start to success!


Marketing Your Art with Alyson Stanfield, the Art Biz coach

Watch below as Linda talks with the Art Biz Coach, Alyson Stanfield. Alyson coaches artists to success with her infectious positive attitude and energetic style.

An art history graduate, former museum curator, collector and museum educator, Alyson has practical experience to help you promote and sell your art! Linda and Alyson discuss how to prepare for positive change, how to organize for the success you’ve always wanted, how to love your office as much as your studio, how to optimize your time, and other art business secrets Alyson uses to make artists successful.

Click here to download the Art Chat with Alyson Stanfield.

Conservation/Restoration-Are You Making the Right Choices? with Doug Eisele

In this Art Chat, Linda welcomes Doug Eisele, owner of Eisele Gallery of Fine Art and Old World Restorations.  Whether you are an artist or collector, there are many things you need to know to make wise decisions that will effect your painting’s ability to be restored. We will touch on what artists should know tackling questions about materials to when the painting should be varnished.  If you are a collector, we talk about what you should look for before investing in a painting.  These are just a few topics we’ll discuss.  If you ever wanted to know anything about conservation or the restoration of artwork, this is the show you will not want to miss!

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Arts Chats with Linda Fisler is issuing a challenge for 2015 and Linda will be interviewing UK’s author and writing business adviser Joanna Penn (the Creative Penn) to help you get started writing! The Challenge? Write a book (art book, coffee table book of your art,etc) or at least start a journal!

Now is the time! Start a journal if you have not started one. Turn that journal into a book. All those lessons learned and discoveries you have made along your artful journey can be shared and enjoyed by other artists, family and friends. Joanna and Linda will help you get started!

Joanna Penn and Linda will be discussing their journey which includes leaving very successful careers in the corporate world to becoming the artists they are today. Joanna will provide inspiration and advice on starting a journal, how to journal each day, and how to build networks of individuals to help you along the way. Become the creative entrepreneur you always wanted to be!

Joanna Penn is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers on the edge, as well as non-fiction for authors. She is also a professional speaker and entrepreneur, voted as one of The Guardian UK Top 100 creative professionals 2013.

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In this Art Chat, Linda welcomes award winning artist, George Gallo.  Topics to be discussed include conversations with George about art instruction, the expressive use of color, and the artistic inspirations behind writing and painting.

George Gallo is a phenomenal painter, director, screenwriter, and actor, with a unique perspective of the arts as a whole.

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Art Chats with Linda Fisler: Committing to An Artistic Life with Lori Putnam

Lori Putnam is a rising star in plein air and impressionist painting. Lori discusses her changing artistic career and her commitment to the arts. Other topics discussed include the importance of mentors, self study, and how teaching has made Lori the artist she is today. Lori also discusses tips for painting plein air and her love of plein air painting.

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Art Chats with Linda Fisler: Elements of Nature From Field to Study with Joe McGurl      **Slide show starts at minute 12:30.**

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