The Essential Art Materials List: Tools for Painting & Drawing

Art equipment can make or break the artistic process. What drawing tools, painting materials, or types of paintbrushes should you use? These are questions that leave some artists puzzled. Read Essential Art Materials: Must-Have Tools for Drawing and Painting for advice from experts on the best art materials, the different types of brushes, and the types of drawing pencils you should use to get the job done.  


The essential art materials list: a must read.

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The free download includes the following three articles, outlined below. Also, you’ll get two web extras: learn how these artists care for their brushes of choice and learn from Robert Liberace how to reshape and recycle brushes.

This art supplies list is a must-download.

Drawing Materials 101 by Lauren Kirchner

This free download gives you a crash course in the most common drawing materials: graphite, charcoal, and colored pencil. Get insight on the pencil for all seasons, the staple material of charcoal, and the ever-unique colored pencil.

Learn tips for care, benefits of use, and more!

This list of art materials is free!

Drawing Materials 102 by Lauren Kirchner

With a plethora of art materials on the market, you’ll want to learn how to parse the art materials list down to the basics and discover what art materials are best for specific genres.

Download your guide to the most popular drawing materials, including the cornerstone of drawing and painting – pastel, the bold elegance of pen-and-ink, the delicate precision of metalpoint, the revolutionary Conté crayon, and the contemporary marker. Get a lesson in what makes each medium unique, how to use each of the drawing materials, and how each is traditionally employed.

Learn how to choose the best art equipment with this free download.

Delve into A Bevy of Brushes by Maureen Bloomfield

Editor of The Artist’s Magazine Maureen Bloomfield,interviews four accomplished artists for an insider’s perspective on the brushes they keep near their easels. Learn the brush preferences of watercolorist Carolyn Lord, portrait artist Chris Saper, landscape artist Frank Francese, and multi-media artist Robert Liberace.

Artists don’t have to go for the most expensive brushes on the market. Rather, they should choose their brushes based on the desired artistic outcome and what the different brushes are designed to produce. Learn how to choose the right brushes in this free digital download.

Learn more about the essential drawing tools and painting materials to enhance your art.

The essential art materials list: a must read.