April Artists Network News is live!

In which I try to be funny and kind of succeed. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “April Artists Network News is live!

  1. Grace

    Believe me, consideration was given to acrobatics, and consideration was given to insurance premiums. Sorry to write such a short note, but I’m in the middle of updating my Facebook while writing e-mails and talking on the phone at the same time.

  2. Alan G

    Ahem….speaking of “artsy” news….

    I believe “someone” said back on a March 10th post that consideration would be given to adding acrobatics to this particular edition of your news. Admittedly, having only watched the accompanying video once, I don’t believe I missed those ‘artsy’ cart-wheels….or whatever your chosen acrobatic expressions were to be. I assumed, wrongly so perhaps, that those chosen physical artsy expressions would be performed as lead-ins to the various topics of your newscast.

    That’s alright. I forgive you. Unlike the current generation who get trophies for breaking their promises, I come from a generation who just learns to deal with the depression that ultimately follows such a heart wrenching disappointment.

    Your latest video was quite good and informing! Nevertheless……