Is your art strong enough to compete?

Now that the Online Competition winners have been announced, things are gearing up for The Artist’s Magazine‘s Annual Art Competition

The deadline for entries is May 1, and winners will appear in the December 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. (You can see the 2008 winners here.) The fabulous prizes include:

5 First Place Awards: $2,500 each

5 Second Place Awards: $1,250 each

5 Third Place Awards: $750 each

15 Honorable Mentions: $100 each

And the categories and judges are:

Portraits/Figures Juror: Nelson Shanks

Still Life/Floral Juror: Jane Jones

Landscape/Interior Juror: Susan Shatter

Abstract/Experimental Juror: Jimmy Wright

Animal/Wildlife Juror: David N. Kitler

Click here for all the in-depth info about how to enter.

If you watch any reality TV shows, you might feel as I do—that the word “competition” is used with much higher frequency and with a lot more animosity. But The Artist’s Magazine‘s competitions are congenial altercations, and we highly encourage you to make friends! These folks are not allowed:

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