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Sculpture of the Rockies
From the editors of Southwest Art
The Rocky Mountain region of the American West is renowned for its natural beauty— rugged, snowcapped peaks, sweeping valley vistas, towering pine trees, delicate wildflowers—as well as its artistic splendor, with many noted sculptors living and working in this area. The region’s art festivals and galleries celebrate the best in American sculpture today, proving to be a visual paradise for serious collectors, art enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Take an inside look at this vibrant art scene as 97 contemporary sculptors share their works along with  the inspiration and techniques behind them in Sculpture of the Rockies. The subjects and styles of these sculptures range from traditional to contemporary, and from representational to abstract. This guide is a must-have for collectors in search of artists, artists in search of ideas and art lovers in general.

Odyssey, 27" x 17", bronze, by Joan Zygmunt
From Sculpture of the Rockies.

"The inspiration for Odyssey was both a personal experience and a desire to convey a feeling…. The fantastic experience of seeing Sandhill Cranes on the Clearwater Game Range one spring…." –Joan Zygmunt

Ode to the West Wind II, 40" x 30", bronze, by Rod Zullo
From Sculpture of the Rockies.

"My greatest challenge was finding the patience to sculpt this piece exactly as it needed to be done."–Rod Zullo

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Since 1971, Southwest Art magazine has been the foremost chronicler of the western American art movement. It is the primary source of information and inspiration for art collectors and art enthusiasts, showcasing paintings, sculpture and other original fine artworks in a wide range of artistic styles.

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