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Alain Picard does preliminary sketches

Alain Picard does preliminary sketches

Do you love art and want to get all the painting and drawing lessons you can get your hands on? Love painting landscapes in acrylic, pastel, or portraiture in oils? This weekend is for you! Enjoy a FREE Trial Weekend at!
Learn from the world’s best artists in the comfort of your home!

Starting April 17th, take advantage of our FREE TRIAL Weekend at to get lessons on painting landscapes, drawing pets and animals, composition, color mixing, mixed media art, paint techniques, and more! You can view any and all of the video workshops for a full 4 days. With almost 400 different videos to choose from on a variety of subjects and art mediums, we know you’ll find something you’ll enjoy!

What’s to love about Everything, of course! 


Mark Mehaffey works an abstract on YUPO

You get quality instruction on tried-and-true art techniques, great step-by-step lessons, and expert instructors, such as Liz Haywood-Sullivan, the president of the International Art Pastel Society, or Richard McKinley. With previews and features such as full materials lists and reviews, you’ll find what you need, whether you’re a beginning artist picking up a paintbrush for the first time, or an experienced painter looking to try newtechniques. And each week, we’re adding a new video to the shop, so you’ll always find something else to try and get the latest art instruction.


A sneak preview of what’s to come on ATV: Patty Mollica’s still life.

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FREE Trial Weekend–Starts April 17th!
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pastel sticks for art

Liz Haywood-Sullivan’s pastel box

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