Jen’s Picks: A Celebration of Light

A Celebration of Light
by Jane Freeman
Often what inspires you to paint is not so much the subject itself as what light is doing to the subject. Light tells the viewer what is happening in that moment of time … how the light faded out the leaves and made the shadows reflect the sky, or what time of day it was because of the angle of the shadows. In A Celebration of Light, Jane shows you how to relay that information in watercolor … to make your viewer see and even feel what it was that inspired you to paint your subject in the first place.

Jane takes all the mystery out of painting light in watercolor–from maximizing the drama in your still life set-up, to painting shadows that glow, to achieving a wonderful range of exquisite textures. Step by step, you’ll learn how to use light as the magic ingredient that makes fruit shine, crystal glimmer and flowers dance.

Special Features

  • Light lessons throughout help you compose, choose value and color, and work with your background to create light-filled paintings.
  • 9 mini-demonstrations, each re-creating a section of a painting presented in the book, help you face the challenges of portraying individual textures such as lace, glass, reflective silver, wood grain, delicate flower petals and gemstones.
  • 5 longer demonstrations cover additional textures and show you how to combine a variety of textures (from fabric and hair, to cantaloupe and crystal, to rust, cement and pumpkins) in a strong, light-appropriate composition.
  • 10 full-page interviews spotlight successful artists and their favorite techniques and approaches for achieving a convincing sense of light (including North Light Favorites—Susan Harrison-Tustain, James Toogood, Arleta Pech, and more). Learn their secrets for portraying light in ways that are exciting, dramatic or subtly moving.

About Jane Freeman
Born and raised in North Dakota, Jane began painting in high school and went on to receive a major in art from the University of North Dakota. In addition to watercolor, Jane has worked with acrylic, oil, sculpture and printmaking, and has a particular love of drawing. Jane’s art has appeared in several books and magazines, and she is a past editor of the website, where she interviewed nationally known artists. Jane teaches watercolor throught the U.S and Canada. You can learn more about Jane and her work at

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