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Confident Color
An Artist’s Guide to Harmony, Contrast and Unity
By Nita Leland

There’s no shortage of books about color techniques for the artist. But very few take on the bigger, far more individualized challenge of choosing a personal palette and using it expressively in your paintings. And no book offers a more comprehensive take on the subject than, Confident Color.

Nita believes that every artist is a colorist at heart. Many just don’t know where to begin their search for distinctive color. Well, you can look no further–start here. This book is an invitation to play with color and build–from the ground up–a foundation of know-how for making more effective and expressive color choices. By the end of this book you will have the skills and insights to create a winning strategy for using color in your own unique way.

Special Features

Nita’s approach eliminates time-wasting trial and error, helping you choose a starting point for your basic palette while giving you the freedom to be more inventive, break out of old habits, and experiment with colors outside your comfort zone. She breaks her teaching into three parts:

  1. Learn the Rules of the Game: Understand the theory and principles of color.
  2. Develop Color Strategies: Set up your palette for success.
  3. Create a Game Plan: Explore color choices and schemes to eliminate trial and error once you start painting.

In Confident Color, you’ll learn to devise unique, exciting color palettes for each artwork you do. How great is that? Color is what you make of it: sensitive, explosive, psychedelic, atmospheric, somber, cheerful … Use the know-how in this book, combined with your own intuition, to say what you want to say in your art.

About Nita
Nita’s right up the road from our offices here at North Light, and she’s  a wiz with color–I watched her do a demo on color schemes, and as she showed us how to paint a high-key gardenscape using just three colors (and one magic color), I had that "aha-moment," realizing how simple choosing colors can be if I just know what I’m looking for and why.

As Nita says, "Playing the color game is like jumping on a trampoline–at first you take little tentative bounces, but the more you do it, the higher you jump. And if you work really hard at it, you’ll eventually be doing flips and somersaults!"

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