Jen’s Picks: Liberate Your Creativity With Acrylic Paints!

Liberate Your Creativity With Acrylic Paints!
Acrylic Revolution
by Nancy Reyner
Anyone who has painted with acrylics knows that they are very versatile. But until you have perused Acrylic Revolution, you may not fully realize just how incredibly versatile they truly are!

101 Tips & Techniques for the World’s Most Versatile Medium!
Inside Acrylic Revolution, you’ll find popular, interesting, and indispensable tricks for working with acrylics. Every page features a new technique or application, illustrated step by step. Discover ways to:

  • Set your brushes aside and experiment with the look of painting with string, rags, brayers, eyedroppers, toothbrushes and feathers.
  • Create interesting surface treatments and textured grounds with the addition of sand, modeling paste, oil pastel, crackle paste and more.
  • Experiment with transfers, collage and mixed media.
  • Customize your paint to make it thinner, thicker, slower-drying, stringy, reflective, glossy, matte.
  • Simulate the look of other mediums such as watercolor, tempera, oil and encaustic.
  • Create magical effects and finishing sheens.

Acrylic Revolution shows techniques in easy-to-follow step-by-step demos…

from achieving faux encaustic effects…

Create the look of unrefined beeswax as used here by combining 6oz. regular matte gel with 2 tbsp water. Add liquid acrylics: 6 drops Interference Blue, 1 drop Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Yellow, and 5 drops Iridescent Gold (fine). Now you have faux beeswax; it will be thick and should be applied to your surface with a knife.

…to making a marbelized skin.

1) Pour tar gel on a flat surface.
2) Add drops of color to the gel while it’s wet.
3) Swirl the colors to create a design.
4) Let the gel dry, then remove it from the surface and it’s ready to use for any creative endeavor you choose!

Browse through real pages of the Acrylic Revolution book here.

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Acrylic Techniques in Action: Acrylic Revolution now has an accompanying 45-Minute DVD!

In Nancy Reyner’s Acrylic Revolution DVD, Nancy shows you how to make your paintings unique, exciting and contemporary by layering different techniques one on top of the other. Discover how to simulate watercolor and oil effects and learn about many techniques such as washes and staining on unusual grounds, building up with opaque paint and glazes, transparency, varnishing and many helpful tips. Put it all together to paint a landscape with sky, lake, and luscious autumn trees.

Watch a preview of Nancy Reyner’s Acrylic Revolution DVD here.

Order Nancy Reyner’s Acrylic Revolution DVD here.

About Nancy
Nancy was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by two wonderful parents who were both dedicated school teachers. Their love for teaching has definitely rubbed off on Nancy who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico now, and has been painting, exhibiting and teaching for more than thirty years. 
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