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Daring Color
Mix and mingle watercolor on your paper
by Anne Abgott
Discover a fresh approach to mixing dynamic color! By mingling and charging pigments directly on your paper, rather than mixing them on your palette, you can achieve a thrilling balance of “controlling” your watercolors, while at the same time letting them work their magic.

The technique is fast–no layering or glazing necessary–and the payoff instantaneous…you’ll see the luminous, glowing results right away! Color mingling is at the heart of Anne Abgott’s vibrant watercolors. Her enthusiasm for this technique is nothing short of contagious. In Daring Color, Anne reveals her personal tricks and techniques to clean and daring color. While painting a range of favorite subjects, you’ll learn how to avoid common color-mixing mistakes, how to combine colors successfully in a painting, and how to make even shadows glow with color and light. With help from Daring Color you’ll add a breath of fresh air–and fresh color–to your paintings.

Special Features

  • Don’t Mix…Mingle! Colors remain cleaner and richer when they meet on paper.
  • Get to Know the Personality of Color. Anne shares the favorite pigments on her palette, their characteristics, shortcut color recipes, and suggestions for useful applications.
  • Explore the Color Families. Anne demonstrates how mingling works for each color family: yellows, reds, blues, greens and violets, plus a special section on adding excitement to your grays.
  • Mingle Colors for Vibrant Whites! Anne shows you how to paint a white vase on a white surface while reflecting colors from surrounding objects.

Click here for instruction on mingling greens from Daring Color.

About Anne
“I started to get comments on the GLOW, the COLOR and the LIFE my paintings had…I suddenly realized I didn’t mix colors—I MINGLED THEM. It was an epiphany.”
Visit Anne’s website for more information on her work.

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Moose Crossings, watercolor
By Anne Abgott
From Daring Color

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