Digital Art Solutions for Color

Intro to Hi Fi Digital Coloring with Brian Miller
If you’ve ever wanted to explore the digital coloring techniques used by comic book and sci-fi artists to create vibrant characters, this is a great tutorial to get started. Expert comic artist Brian Miller (Master Digital Color) will walk you through the steps you need to learn to create kinetic, detailed, high-fidelity color. You can preview Introduction to Hi-Fi Digital Coloring with Brian Miller to see how he uses his keyboard and a drawing tablet to work, creating highlights and shadows on his characters.

So why is this Jen’s Pick for the week? This is a bit of a departure from our fine art subjects and mediums, but that’s precisely why we like it. Comic books are thoroughly modern and really not just for kids these days, and the lessons for working digitally can be applied to more traditional subjects, such as portraits and figure drawings. These digital art solutions provide a new way of looking at coloring and might just might be the thing that solves one of your drawing and painting problem areas.

You can also download the workshop or get it on DVD.DigitalArtTutoral


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