Jen’s Picks: Drawing Light and Shadow

Strokes of Genius 2
The Best of Light and Shadow
Edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf
Celebrate the beauty, diversity and expression of drawing with this second collection in the Strokes of Genius series—140 examples of the finest drawing being done today. Fresh from the studios and sketchpads of 100 artists, these striking creations run the gamut from highly detailed, remarkably realistic images that were months in the making, to contour drawings, journal sketches and gestures captured in mere minutes. Selections feature original approaches to landscapes, portraits and other classic subjects, along with offbeat inspirations like vintage photos and washed-off watercolor paintings.

In these pages you’ll find:
•    A vast range of mediums and combinations, including charcoal, pencil, pastel, ink and more
•    An exciting mix of styles and techniques presented in subject-specific chapters: Portraits, Cityscapes, Animals, the Human Figure, Landscapes and Still Life
•    Firsthand perspective on the processes behind the work, offering expert insights on capturing atmosphere, telling a story, finding the right pose, achieving vitality of line, and much more

With a special focus on the power of light and shadow, Strokes of Genius 2 has an immediacy that is honest and engaging. Filled with strokes of poetry, precision and passion, this is a memorable collection of art as well as an inspiring survey of techniques that artists use to translate impressions to paper.

“I selected the pieces in this book because they each had a voice—each had something individual to say to me…
I hope you find that they each speak to you also.”

—Rachel Rubin Wolf

About Rachel
Rachel Rubin Wolf is a freelance editor and artist. She edits and writes fine art books for North Light Books, including Watercolor Secrets, the Splash series (Best of Watercolor); The Best of Wildlife Art (editions 1 and 2); The Best of Portrait Painting; The Best of Flower Painting 2; The Acrylic Painter’s Book of Styles and Techniques; Painting Ships, Shores and the Sea; and Painting the Many Moods of Light. She also has acquired numerous new fine art book projects and authors for North Light Books and has contributed to magazines such as Fine Art Connoisseur and Wildlife Art.

Special note from Jen
Drawing is one of my favorite pastimes. Charcoal and pastel are my mediums of choice, allowing me to sculpt a subject in two dimensions with minimal materials. (Not to mention I love getting my fingers messy!) I was lucky enough to work on Strokes of Genius 2 with Rachel; I found every page inspiring and hope you will too!

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Doc of Doc Square, colored pencil on pastel paper
by Christine E. S. Dion
From Strokes of Genius 2

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