Jen’s Picks: Easy Techniques to Master Pastel

Painting With Pastels
Easy Techniques to Master the Medium
by Maggie Price
For those of you who haven’t seen it, Painting With Pastels is a definitive introduction to this glorious medium by Maggie Price, one of today’s best-known pastel artists and founding editor of the #1 magazine on pastel painting, The Pastel Journal.

Painting With Pastels
covers everything a beginner needs to know to get started, from the types of pastels available and how to prepare your surface, to combining pastels with watercolor and knowing when a painting is done. Maggie demonstrates different types of strokes, blending, broken color, layering, underpainting, and mixing media…everything you need to know to create pleasing pastel paintings.

In addition to Maggie’s step-by-step demonstrations of landscape painting, nine contributing artists demonstrate painting still life, portraits of children, animals and landscapes as they share their own unique styles and tricks of the trade. With the variety of styles and subjects, Painting With Pastels is one of those classics you keep as reference for ever and ever.

“Open a box of pastels, and the brilliant array of colors tempts you to pick up a stick and make a mark.”
–Maggie Price

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