Jen’s Picks: Encaustics in Action

Encaustic Techniques DVD
with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
For those of you not familiar with encaustic, it is the art of painting with heated wax.  Encaustic is both painterly and sculptural, and when I first saw it in action I was excited at how many possibilities it opened for the artist to play with color, layers and textures.

Seeing encaustics in action is what Encaustic Techniques DVD is all about! Follow along as Patricia demonstrates the basics of encaustic painting, starting with a demonstration of materials and surface prep, then moving on to focus on using image transfer and shellac burn with your encaustics.

For the image transfer section you’ll practice applying black-and-white and color images to the hot wax, then have fun manipulating them and layering them for neat effects. For the shellac burn section, you’ll learn to create wonderful texture. Patricia includes safety tips too, as encaustic painting involves a heated palette and medium, as well as heat gun and torches. Patricia’s instruction will help anyone get started with encaustics and have fun along the way!

“A lot of people shy away from encaustic, thinking it will be too messy or too difficult to get started since it is so different from the acrylics or watercolors they are used to… But truly, it’s easy to get started with encaustic.”
–Patricia Seggebruch

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