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Art Journey New Mexico
104 Painters’ Perspectives
from the editors at The Collector’s Guide, along with Jamie Markle and Stefanie Laufersweiler from North Light Books
Nothing compares to the creative spirit found throughout New Mexico. Stunning vistas, distinctive architecture and sparkling light, coupled with a thriving network of galleries, museums and studios, make it a popular and enticing destination for collectors, artists and art lovers alike.

With Art Journey New Mexico you’ll step into the world of 104 contemporary painters from this dynamic art scene as they share their favorite pieces, along with firsthand insights on the inspiration and techniques behind them. True to the area’s vibrant mix of cultures, the art here is diverse, covering a variety of mediums, subjects and styles, ranging from Native American and Spanish Colonial traditions to traditional landscapes to cutting-edge, modern interpretations. It’s a must-have addition for artists in search of ideas, collectors in search of artists and visitors who want an emotive memento of their time spent in this inspiring land.

Click here to learn how landscape artist Charlie Burk uses abstraction, color and shape to capture a close-up of the great outdoors in these pages from Art Journey New Mexico.

Click here to have fun with Heather Foster as she whimsically portrays the personality of her animal subject as seen in these pages from Art Journey New Mexico.

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