Jen’s Picks: Your A to Z Guide to Watercolor

Watercolor A to Z
by Grant Fuller
Turn to Grant Fuller’s Watercolor A to Z for instruction that never goes out of style. For those of you not familiar with this 2008 North Light book, this is the kind of art instruction you’ve just got to love: the kind you can only read with brush in hand…for the kind of learning that feels more like play than work! And, a hands-free, stand-alone format is studio-friendly, letting you paint right along, step by step.

Recently receiving a stellar review and feature in the September/October 2009 issue of Canadian Brushstroke Magazine, pages 17-21, artist Grant Fuller created Watercolor A to Z as a comprehensive, hands-on watercolor workshop featuring 26 core lessons, from “A” (animals) to “Z” (zeroing in on who you are as an artist). In between, he gives you expert advice on painting an intriguing range of popular subjects including brilliant sunsets, colorful bursts of winter pansies, luscious fruit, trees, seagulls, people and other subjects you love–all while building a repertoire of painting skills that will ensure a long and happy love affair with your watercolors.

"T" is for "Trees": Follow Watercolor A to Z’s steps for painting trees like this palm tree, or just flip the page for evergreens, deciduous trees, trees in the distance, tree details and more.

"P" is for "People and Portraits": Whether learning how to paint people with a loose style as show here, or working on facial details, sketching from life or striking a pose, Watercolor A to Z shows you how to capture your favorite characters in watercolor.

“I hope this book will last you many years. It has been designed to be used as an ongoing reference that can stand on your work table open to the project of your choice. You will soon seen improvement in your work by following the demonstrations.”
–Grant Fuller

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