Jen’s Picks: Create the Illusion of Life

Understanding Values in Skin Tones and Painting Facial Features, DVD
with Sharon Sprung

Renowed for her portraits that combine abstraction and realism, artist Sharon Sprung shares tips for creating the illusion of life in her DVD, Understanding Values in Skin Tones and Painting Facial Features. Working with a light box, she explains how light illumines form; she defines basic terms like mid-tone, highlight, cast shadow, etc, as well as chroma, value, temperature, and hue. Showing you how to see in values, she imparts helpful tips so that you can readily translate value into color. Setting out her palette, Sharon then describes the properties of each color. Finally, she shows you exactly how she mixes colors in order to create a vast range of lifelike flesh tones.

Building on the previous lesson on value and color, Sharon goes on to explain how different brushes are useful for creating lifelike effects. Working with light and shadow, she shows you how to paint an eye, nose, and mouth. Pointing to a painting in process, she explains how she puts all these elements together. Finally, she turns her attention to a finished painting and analyzes the relationships between light and form, value and color.

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