Editor’s Pick: Journeys to Abstraction by Sue St. John

In Journeys to Abstraction, by Sue St. John, fifty-eight artists share their process and inspiration on 100 abstract paintings covering a variety of mixed media. Find your own inspiration and develop your own techniques with this great gallery of abstract art from top abstract artists.

The popularity of creative abstract mixed media art continues to rise and this abstract painting book covers a wide range of media, design elements, and techniques including watercolor, collage, acrylics, color contrast, and more.

You’ll love this abstract painting book if:

  • You love hearing about the creative process of fellow artists
  • You want to create mixed media abstract art pieces
  • You’re searching for painting techniques focused on abstract art



Check out This Exclusive Tip from Journey to Abstraction:

Find Shapes and Patterns:
Shapes and patterns are elemental to the abstract artist. In order to paint abstract, you must teach yourself to observe the shapes and patterns in the world. As you go about your daily activities, notice the shapes around you- the triangles in the roof tiles, the spheres in the fruit dangling from a tree, or the free form shapes the shadows of tree branches and leaves make on the sidewalk.

Teach yourself to pick up on patterns. Look at the undulating pattern the waves make as breakers roll into shore, or the patter a rock hitting the placed surface of still water makes. On a city street, look for patterns formed by the sidewalk, rows of buildings, or an arrangement of flowers in the park.

A Word From The Author:

“Have you ever been curious about another artist’s process, and maybe even want to try it out yourself? Artists, myself included, learn from each other by observing how other artists do what they do. This book offers you the opportunity to peek through other artist’s studio keyholes to view the creative process of abstract art. It is a source of ideas, techniques and methods from various abstract artists. Studying each artist’s working processes can help you develop your own techniques for your abstract works. Then you can strike out on a path entirely of your own and develop your own style.” — Sue St. John

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