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Landscape Painting Inside & Out
Capture the Vitality of Outdoor Painting in Your Studio!

by Kevin Macpherson
It’s one thing to capture the spirit of nature on location, where you’re immersed in the sensations and the atmosphere, and responding to what’s directly in front of you. It’s quite another thing to take it to a larger, more finished canvas back in the studio. The great painters of the past created thoughtful art in their studios with no loss of vitality and spontaneity. And in Landscape Painting Inside & Out, Kevin will be your guide to reliving the outdoor experience inside, enlarging your ideas and refining your compositions so that you work will be enhanced and fresh and full of life and emotion.

Innovative Exercises to Keep You Primed!
Always a generous teacher, Kevin has packed Landscape Painting Inside & Out with favorite tricks and innovative exercises to keep you primed and pumped for your landscape-painting adventures, including:
* 10 outdoor painting challenges to develop your plein air skills.
* 6 studio "stretches" designed to help you stay fresh and non-formulaic
* Help with color harmony and using a limited palette
* Methods to incorporate impressionistic touches to give your landscape a depth and vibrancy that enhances its realism.
* And more!
Step 1:  Develop a value sketch with neutrals to help describe the forms and unify shapes.

Step 2: Create a color study to decide on a color scheme.

Step 3: Follow steps to create this finished painting: Spring Greens, 30×40 inches.

Full of fresh air and stunning vistas, Landscape Painting Inside & Out will guide and encourage beginners, while challenging more accomplished artists to bring greater vitality and a more individual, less formulaic finish to their paintings. As the techniques put forth in this book become second nature, you will be able to paint more creatively and impulsively, reacting to the moment, making the most of you time inside and out.

From Kevin
"Indoor and outdoor painting are complementary experiences. As memories of nature breathe life into your studio work, the disciplined approaches and principles you practice indoors will enable you to attack the canvas outdoors in new ways."
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