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Expressive Oil Painting
An Open-Air Approach to Landscapes in Oil

By George Allen Durkee

There’s a world of difference between painting what you see and conveying what you feel. Expressive Oil Painting shows you how to create engaging landscapes that capture a sense of light, depth, movement and above all, your own unique impressions of the world around you.

Special Features:

  • 9 in-depth landscape painting demonstrations, illustrating techniques from basic to advanced
  • fundamental concepts of oil painting—including supplies, work habits, drawing, color and composition—explained in a friendly, straightforward way
  • a diverse sampling of ideas and approaches for painting landscape elements, capturing mood, painting en plein air, simplifying the complexity of nature and determining reference values
  • invaluable lessons for beginning and intermediate painters

Need help balancing your intention with your intuition? Allow yourself to freefall into a painting that actually works with this FREE demo download from Expressive Oil Painting.

Take a step beyond the boundary of your own knowing with this FREE demo download from Expressive Oil Painting—not for the timid, in this demo you’ll jump right into a painting without doing any drawings or sketches first.

Whether you’re working on location or from reference photos, Expressive Oil Painting will empower you to paint “light on your feet,” improvising according to the needs of each particular subject and the conditions of the moment. With nature as your inspiration and this book as your guide, you’ll find your way straight to the heart of landscape painting, bringing greater sensitivity, intuition and authenticity to your work.

About George
When George began painting in 1965, there were no art schools nearby, so he enrolled in a correspondence course designed by some of the great illustrators—Albert Dorne, Robert Fawcett and Norman Rockwell. Coached by knowledgeable teachers, he worked a night job in order to study and practice during daylight hours. Without the imposed structure of a classroom schedule, he learned to work on his own. After completing the course, George quit the night job, and with twelve days’ worth of vacation pay in his pocket he became a full-time painter.
    For the next few years, he painted his way from town to town, selling art to passersby. Trading a painting in San Francisco for a few hundred dollars, he moved in. Within six months, his paintings appeared in a prominent gallery—between the work of Picasso and Miró. Hundreds of George’s cityscapes were dispersed worldwide.
    In 2001, ready for a quieter life, he moved to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California to paint landscapes. Durkee is a past contributor to several publications, including The Artist’s Magazine. A knowledgeable teacher, he prefers to work one-on-one with a few select students. He and his artist wife, Sharon Strong, are co-owners of an art gallery in Murphys, California.

“Don’t paint by formula; look deeply. As you gain understanding . . . painting will become an intimate dialogue with Nature. She will say, ‘I am this,’ and with brush in hand you will reply, ‘And I feel this.’”

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Old Jake’s Barn, oil on canvas, 24×30 inches
From Expressive Oil Painting


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