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Brilliant Color
Empower Your Landcapes With Luminous Color!
Brilliant Color
Painting Vibrant Outdoor Scenes
By Julie Gilbert Pollard

Let go of what you see, and paint what you feel! In this book Julie helps you think about color in a new way, empowering you to push the envelope beyond ordinary realism into bold landscapes full of life and energy.

Starting with short demos featuring diagrams, color wheels and side-by-side visual comparisons, Julie shows you how to liberate your use of color to capture the lively essence of every landscape. It’s not about complex color theory, it’s about pushing color to warmer or cooler extremes for stronger contrasts.

Follow along as Julie shows you how to blend acrylic underpainting with water-mixable oils to produce striking luminosity in less time and fewer layers than traditional oil painting techniques. Ten complete step-by-step demonstrations show you how to paint gorgeous landscapes with an inspiring range of settings and seasons.

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WOW Your Art!
We were wowed by this artist when her work first crossed our desks; the colors of her landscapes are magical and so full of life and energy that to look at her paintings is to be transported into a fresh sunny day in the garden…I swear I can hear the lazy buzz of bees collecting pollen everytime I see her work. When you follow along with Julie’s instruction, in no time at all, you’ll have what it takes to make your colors zing and your paintings glow. (She uses oil in this book, but her instruction on color crosses mediums.)

About Julie Pollard
Julie has given instruction in watercolor and oil painting since 1985 and currently conducts classes in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, as well as occasional remote location workshops.
Visit Julie Pollard’s website for more info on this artist.

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Gone Wild
by Julie Gilbert Pollard
12×20 inches (30x51cm)
oils over acrylic on canvas
From Brilliant Color

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