Jen’s Picks: Take a Positive Approach to Negative Painting

Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines
by Linda Kemp
Ironic. As children, we spend endless hours and boxes of crayons learning to keep the color inside the lines. Then we grow up and devote the remainder of our art lives trying to find our way back to that free, unbounded mindset. Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines will help you make that groundbreaking shift via Linda Kemp’s “positive approach to negative painting.”

Like a sculptor chiseling away at a block of marble to liberate the image within, you’ll learn to evoke your subject largely by painting the areas around it. A progressive series of more than 20 demos shows you how, leading you step by step toward more successful and satisfying paintings than ever before.

No other book offers such a comprehensive, demystifying look at negative painting. With clear instruction and a spirit of adventure, Linda shows you how to harness the power of these often overlooked areas around your subject, discover the beauty and strength of simple shapes, and open up a whole new dimension of creative expression in your art.

“Remember, you are not painting the flower, you are painting the around it.”
–Linda Kemp

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