Jen’s Picks: Secrets to Painting Realistic Children

Secrets to Painting Realistic Children’s Portraits
Painting Children
Secret to Capturing Childhood Moments

By Bev Lee
Bev Lee’s portraits celebrate what it’s like to be a kid. No staid poses and stuffy Easter-wear here…her subjects are blowing bubbles, “helping” mom make cookies, or hugging a favorite teddy. And, in Painting Children, Bev shows you how to create tender pastel portraits just like these–of kids just being kids. You’ll learn how to use pastel to capture not only a realistic likeness, but the unique spirit of your young subjects–from fancy little ballerinas and flower pixies, to cowboys and explorers. With an emphasis on the expressions, mannerisms and interests that make each child unique, Painting Children is a fresh and heartfelt guide for painting more authentic, more “childlike” finished portraits.

Learn How To

  • Combine reference photos for a perfect composition
  • Add life and energy to your portrait with color
  • Use hands to help tell a story
  • Correctly place and proportion facial features from the get-go
  • Paint a variety of skin tones and hair colors
  • Achieve the look of denim, satin, knit and other clothing textures
  • Follow Bev’s mapping approach to create accurate proportions
  • Learn the key steps then follow along with complete painting demos to create authentic, portraits!

About Bev
Art has always been a part of Bev’s life. Pencil and paper have always been like candy to her. Bev’s work has been featured in such magazines as The Pastel Journal and The Artist’s Magazine, and she is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and the Pastel Society of Colorado. A resident of Colorado, she paints full time and teaches both private and group classes.

“Children make me smile. I want to pass this smile on to others as they view my work.”

–Bev Lee

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