Jen’ Picks: Painting Weather Effects

Paint a Thrilling Range of Atmospheres!
Painting the Elements
Weather Effects in Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor

Edited by Kelly Messerly

There is more to life (and landscape painting) than a perfect, sunny day. In this book, 8 seasoned artists share their favorite tips for capturing the look and feel of the elements in oil, acrylic and watercolor. You’ll learn to paint sunrise to sunset, rain or shine, sunlit fields and glowing shadows, a crisp autumn day or an overcast morning before a summer storm.

Paint Atmospheres Step by Step
A series of 18 step-by-step demonstrations show you how to use color, the principals of design, the power of light, and other artistic tools to dramatize the feeling of weather throughout your entire scene. Learn how to paint skies that set the mood. Tune in to key differences between the light at different times of the day, and throughout the various seasons. Discover how to adjust greens to different times of day, how to energize shadows with rich color, and even how to take a boring or ineffective landscape painting and make it work.

Many inspiring examples of landscape art illustrate how every face of nature presents exciting expressive opportunities. Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night will be beyond your reach with this expert, all-weather advice!

Special Features
•    Getting started instruction for oil, watercolor and acrylic, including information on materials needed, palettes, field sketches, and more.
•    Choosing color schemes to set the mood and tone of your painting.
•    Perspective and design treatments for painting dramatic landscapes and intimate garden scenes.
•    Tips for painting atmospheres including morning fog, cloudy skies, snow scenes, sultry summer days, morning light, thunderstorms, moonlight, mountain mist, morning light, dappled sunlight with lively shadows, sunlight streaming through clouds or foliage, and more!
•    We’ve taken the heart of 8 previously published North Light books and compiled the instruction here to focus on painting the elements, so you know you’ll be getting the best of the best instruction.

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