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The Painterly Approach
An Artist’s Guide to Seeing, Painting and Expressing
by Bob Rohm
Many artists aspire to a loose, expressive quality in their work. Almost as many think that it’s a look they can only hope to grow into with time, or occasionally fall into with luck. Finally, here’s a book that shows you how to achieve that coveted sense of “poetry” in your paintings, every time.

The Painterly Approach crosses the line between what you see as an artist, and what you feel. More than painting an appealing landscape, it’s about making your viewer feel the wind, experience the dance of shadows and sunlight, and admire the wondrous intermingling of colors that attracted you to your subject in the first place.

See the World from a Painterly Perspective
Bob shows you how to approach every aspect of your painting process–from selecting your brushes, to deciding which details to include, to the very way you apply paint to canvas–with the intention of capturing a vivid sense of time and place. You’ll learn how to:

  • use a “painterly-friendly” combination of materials and equipment
  • emphasize large, simple shapes of color and value
  • suggest detail rather than focus on it
  • use edges in a way that gives poetry to your strokes, making them quiet transitions or dynamic focal points
  • record your presence as the artist–and the “feel” of your subject”–with luscious texture and brushwork

Paint a Feeling, Step by Step!
Nine step-by-step painting demonstrations (in oil, pastels and acrylics) show you how to achieve that elusive quality of mood and emotion–whether bright and cheerful, somber and reflective, or somewhere in between. Demos and sample paintings feature work created both in the studio and on location. Here you’ll find dramatic storm clouds, vibrant summer landscapes, reflections on water, ocean waves, autumn aspens, snowscapes, mountain views, and more. While this book focuses primarily on landscape painting (with just a sprinkling of portrait and figure works), it offers valuable lessons for approaching any subject in a personal and engaging way.

Gorgeously illustrated and refreshingly straightforward, The Painterly Approach will help you bring a more natural and emotional feeling to your paintings, expressing your passion for your subject in every stroke.

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The Painterly Checklist
Whenever you are stuck and not sure if what you are doing is working, refer to the painterly checklist! Here’s a sampling of the list.
  • What ideas do you want to convey?
  • Simplify the scene to the fewest number of shapes possible.
  • Lead the eye with a dynamic edge.
  • Develop dynamic extremes.
  • Make sure your painting fits a low, middle or high value key.
  • Don’t let the local color influence the color of light.
You’ll find the rest of this handy list in The Painterly Approach, page 140.

“I strive to make a painting that viewers will respond to emotionally. To enable them to feel the sun, wind and tonalities I experience, I use a painterly approach.”
–from Bob Rohm, author of The Painterly Approach

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