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Art Revolution
Alternative Approaches for Fine Artists and Illustrators
By Lisa L. Cyr
Today’s artists are faced with unlimited possibilities for creative experimentation thanks to an unprecedented array of media and digital tools. Never before has there been such innovation in the way art can be conceptualized, produced and presented.

Art Revolution
is on the cutting-edge of this metamorphosis, inspiring you to reinterpret, reinvent and redefine everything from the surfaces on which you work to the way viewers interact with your finished pieces. To help you on your travels, follow along with the creative directions and signature styles of twenty-one of today’s most visionary artists, including Dave McKean, David Mack, Marshall Arisman and Cynthia von Buhler.

Brilliantly illustrated with thirteen demonstrations and dozens of inventive examples of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, digital and new media art, Art Revolution will inspire you to break out of the confines of traditional thinking, push your content to a higher level and revolutionize your personal approach to art.

Special Features

  • 13 demonstrations for exciting techniques such as preparing a custom handmade surface to receive ink-jet printing, encorporating image transfers and faux finishes in your work, assembling traditional and digital collage, and much more.
  • 5 chapters encourage you to reinterpret, reinvent and redefine your art and push your boundaries as you explore visual language, work with new surfaces, break out of two-dimensions, add your personality to your piece, and experiment with the digital realm.
  • 21 visionary artists offer inspiration and instruction for communicating and creating a connection with your audience.

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About Lisa
Lisa L. Cyr is an accomplished author and multidisciplinary artist with a content-driven approach. Her highly tactile mixed-media work is a rhythmic synthesis of drawing, painting, collage, assemblage and sculpture composed to collectively create a new reality with a more expressive, symbolic arrangement. Lisa’s innovative use of alternative materials and approaches transcends technique, to create a multidimensional, multi-sensual experience. A graduate from The Massachusetts College of Art (BFA) and Syracuse University (MA), Lisa’s art has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in museums, galleries and universities, as well as featured in numerous magazines, books and online. In addition, Lisa speaks and gives workshops at professional organizations, universities and industry conferences..

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