Jen’s Pick: The Simple Secret to Better Painting

The Simple Secret to Better Painting: Online Seminar
with Greg Albert
In this hour-long online seminar from Artist’s Network, Greg Albert, artist and author of The Simple Secret to Better Painting (North Light Books, 2003) presents his one rule for creating better paintings: Never make any two intervals the same. Greg gives insights and visual examples throughout to help you understand how to make great paintings by following this rule.

During this seminar you’ll learn how to make a design dynamic (no matter what your subject,) by:

  •   Dividing the boundaries of your painting and the spaces between objects
  •   Creating interesting shapes and interesting groupings
  •   Achieving a balance that’s not static
  •   Creating a path for the eye
  •   Varying values and establishing a value pattern
  •   Deciding whether value, color, or temperature should be dominant

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