Jen’s Picks: Essential Guide to Sketching People

Sketching People
Life Drawing Basics
By Jeff Mellem
Sketching and drawing from life can be a powerful tool for recording everyday experiences and ideas. While drawing in the studio allows for a controlled environment, getting out to draw the world around you will help strengthen your observation skills, as your subjects will move and change on their own.

Fluid, fast and expressive life drawing starts here with Sketching People. Step by step, author Jeff Mellem will show you how to render fleeting gestures from memory, capture expressions simply and quickly, give your drawing a life of its own with body language, and more. Along the way, you’ll develop a more spontaneous approach for successfully working from life.

Even beginning artists can discover the joy of life drawing by following Jeff’s straightforward, step-by-step approach: start with the gesture, build form based on simple shapes, and finally, add the details that give your drawing a sense of believability.

Special Features
•    A comprehensive course on drawing from life, based on classic principles
•    Essential techniques for drawing gesture, figures, clothing, expression, body language and more
•    Establishing mood with values
•    Exercises that bring lessons to life

The skills you’ll learn from Sketching People are so fundamental that every artist will find something in these useful lessons for making the most of all the inspiration that life has to offer.

Click here to download instruction on drawing basic forms from Sketching People.

About the Author
Professional artist and graphic designer Jeff Mellem has worked in various industries over the last decade. Among others, he has designed for magazines, videogames and theater. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California State University, Fullerton, and studied drawing at the American Animation Institute in Hollywood, California. Jeff uses traditional drawing techniques, the foundation of his work, to develop characters and stories.

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