Jen’s Picks: Watercolor in Motion

Watercolor in Motion
How to Create Powerful Paintings Step by Step
by Birgit O’Connor

A unique book/DVD workshop, Watercolor in Motion shows you how to "go with the flow," moving paint and water across the paper to create stunning color transitions, a striking sense of spontaneity and, ultimately, magnificent paintings. Birgit O’Connor blazes the path with her dramatic flower paintings and a focus on techniques that allow your paint to move and blend itself in delightful, pleasingly unexpected ways.

Special Features for Powerful Paintings

  • 15 step-by-step demonstrations show you how to paint flowers with drama and life
  • Learn to blend color right on the paper
  • Become fluent with value and edge control
  • Paint white subjects with confidence
  • Follow along with a 50-minute bonus DVD showing key techniques

About Birgit
Birgit O’Connor is a self-taught painter who has been painting strictly with watercolor since 1988. She resides in northern California where she has been teaching watercolor since 1998. She has written for several magazines, including Watercolor Artist and The Artist’s Magazine; and has produced thirteen instructional DVDs on watercolor instruction. She has exhibited her work in dozens of one-woman shows and group shows. Her work has won numerous awards and can be found in private and corporate collections around the globe as well as in galleries.

"Prepare yourself for a new experience! When you start mixing watercolors, the world of color opens up to you. You may find it difficult to drive down the road without being mesmerized by all the subtle variations of color you see."
–Birgit O’Connor

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Visit Birgit O’Connor’s website for more info on this artist. Birgit has her own line of art instruction DVDs as well as workshop listings and product for watercolorists.

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