Jen’s Picks: Watercolor Tricks & Techniques

Watercolor Tricks and Techniques
75 New and Classic Painting Secrets

by Cathy Johnson

What’s next? If you’re ready to go beyond the basics, and see what watercolor can really do, this is the book for you! Inside Watercolor Tricks & Techniques, a wealth of "creative departures" will take you out of your comfort zone, making the difference between pigment on paper and original, expressive works of art.

Updated and better than ever, this edition of Watercolor Tricks & Techniques features:

  • New watercolor materials and applications along with fresh insights on many tried-and-true techniques
  • 15 step-by-step demonstrations showing techniques in action for beautiful finished paintings
  • 3 possibility-packed sections-Liquid Aids, Dry Helpers and Indispensable Tools-exploring the possibilities of powdered pigments, granulating mediums, liquid mask, Yupo paper and much more
  • A handy, self-standing easel binding that keeps your hands free, so you can try the techniques as you read along with the instruction

Whether you’re an advanced beginner ready to add a little zing to your repertoire or a seasoned painter looking to push your watercolor boundaries, this book will make the journey as exciting as the final destination.

Landscape Demo
Watercolor on Yupo paper
From Watercolor Tricks & Techniques

Click here for a FREE demo on how to paint this landscape with watercolor on Yupo paper.

About Cathy
Cathy Johnson has written 35 books, including the popular Creating Textures in Watercolor from North Light Books. She has been a contributing editor, writer and illustrator for The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Artist and Country Living. Cathy teaches online workshops at where she also offers FREE art tips.

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