Studio tour with New Yorker cartoonist

Like one-liners and knick-knacks? In the video above, The New Yorker cartoonist Mick Stevens gives a tour of his home studio in Florida. You can read more about the magazine’s cartoonists on its blog.

And I’m reminded of that episode of Seinfeld where the gang tries to determine the meaning of a New Yorker cartoon.

Elaine: Come on, we’re two intelligent people here. We can figure
this out. Now we got a dog and a cat in an office.

Jerry: It looks like my accountant’s office but there’s no pets
working there.

Elaine: The cat is saying, “I’ve enjoyed reading your e-mail.”

George: Maybe it’s got something to do with that 42 in the corner.

Elaine: It’s a page number.

George: Well, I can’t crack this one.

Elaine: Aahh! this has got to be a mistake.

The Washington Post did a story on the magazine’s enigmatic cartoons in 2006; you can read it here.

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