The art of Up

In his blog, Lou Romano talks about the art production of the new Pixar movie Up:

Similar to the work from The Incredibles, (production paintings,
color/lighting design and artistic direction) this was done to help
inspire the look of the film.

Every show is a major collaboration requiring the talents of many.
The artists who helped define the look of UP included: Bryn Imagire
(Shading Art Director) Daniel Lopez Munoz, Albert Lozano (Character
Designers) Greg Dykstra (Character Design Sculptor) Don Shank, Nat
McLaughlin, Noah Klocek, Daniel Arriaga (Environmental Designers) and
Paul Conrad (Graphic Designer).

Despite many challenges, these artists were always focused on what was really important…the art.

The images are totally gorgeous. Here are the blog posts: The Art of Up and Up Color Script

And here are some articles we did about another Pixar artist, Bill Cone, last year:

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