The miniature art of 'Coraline'

Have you seen the trailers for “Coraline” yet? It’s a new movie by the guy who did “Nightmare Before Christmas,” and though the incredible landscapes and characters look digital, it is all DIY. The stop-motion 3-D film, based on a Neil Gaiman story, comes out tomorrow.

For example, in the image above, Coraline’s hair is styled strand-by-strand and the mittens were knit with tiny, tiny needles. WIRED has an awesome slideshow with images from the making of the movie. The crew created 150 sets and 250 jointed puppets, plus countless plants and toys with moving parts. You can see the trailer (and lots of making-of clips) on the Coraline Films YouTube page. Below is a look at how they rigged up some of the plants with every-day objects:

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One thought on “The miniature art of 'Coraline'

  1. Teresa

    The art is amazing! Reminds me a lot of Burton’s other film, Corpse Bride.

    I’ve been following Gaiman on Twitter and getting all the wacky behind the scenes tidbits about this project. Funny stuff. 🙂