We want your best watercolors

Our Splash: Best of Watercolor competitions are somewhat legendary here at North Light Books. It’s always exciting to see the entries for each book as they roll in, and many of North Light’s most popular authors were discovered in Splash (Soon Y. Warren, author of Painting Vibrant Watercolors: Discover the Magic of Light, Color and Contrast, comes to mind).

North Light’s guru of things Splash-related is Sarah Laichas. Sarah recently drew on the talents of our ArtistsNetwork.tv crew to tell you all about the next Splash competition, Splash 12: The Best of Watercolor: Celebrating Artistic Vision. Watch the video below—and you’ll learn the name of the artist who painted the cover of Splash 11, in stores next summer!

The deadline to enter the current Splash 12 competition is Dec. 15, 2009. You can submit your artwork here.

—Mona Michael
Managing editor, North Light Books

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