Women in Art

A friend forwarded this video—the female as she morphs through 500 years of Western art. Whether they appear direct and stoic, firtatious and alluring or simply dreaming of some better day, these women change to the tune of solo violin. Simply lovely.



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3 thoughts on “Women in Art

  1. Katherine Tyrrell

    Somebody left a comment on my blog post (31st May) about this video which everybody has been looking at and talking about. It provides the answer to who painted all of the paintings in this video compiled by eggman913.

    Since I can’t include any html in this response your route to the answer is via my blog "Making A Mark" (which I think comes up as a link when I post) and then you need to go to the archive of posts (near the bottom of the right hand column of the blog) and look for either the 31st May one or the one called "17th June: Who made a mark this week"

    Basic html for linking is lot easier!