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FREE Online Event: Where To Show If You’re Not Yet In A Gallery with Paul Dorrell

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDTLiving the Artist's Life by Paul Dorrell

Join a live, FREE, online discussion with Paul Dorrell, best selling author of art instruction books.

If you’re not in a thriving gallery yet, how do you get your work before the public?

Paul will share how to get your work into Restaurants, Corporate Offices, City Offices, Cooperative Galleries, and other venues! Get tips on how to get your work installed and what to do after: how to organize an opening, network and generate sales.

Everyone who attends this webinar will get a special discount to buy Paul’s book Living the Artist’s Life at We hope you’ll join us! If you cannot attend live, a recording will be emailed to those who register.

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About Paul: A columnist for The Artist’s Magazine and Absolute Arts, Paul has helped develop careers for scores of successful artists. As an art consultant, his clients include H&R Block, the Mayo Clinic, the National D-Day Memorial, the city of Hartford, CT, and private collectors nationwide.



Essentials of Painting Flowers

May 31 – June 21 (Four Saturdays) | 1:00  – 5:00 PM EDT
Fee $29.99

Join Johannes Vloothuis and hundreds of other T5396artists for a course that crosses all t’s and dots all i’s on how to paint flowers in bouquet format, in house portraits and wild flowers. Johannes is well known for teaching the techniques on “How the eye anatomically sees” as well as out of the ordinary painting secrets. Learn how to create exciting backgrounds, correct edge manipulation, impressionist areas, and more. All these will benefit your floral paintings so you don’t just copy photos. Demos in oils, watercolor and pastels will be given. You do not have to attend these sessions live. If you miss a class you will be able to download the recordings.

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Art-Chats-HeaderArt Chats with Linda Fisler: The Myths and Realities of Creating a Painting

Friday, August 22, 2014 | 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Join Linda Riesenberg Fisler as she welcomes Master Artist Carolyn Anderson.   We will be discussing the creative process from reference materials (whether painting from life or from photographs), to how we see and interpret information, and how value, edges and color are all influenced by our knowledge.   We will talk about the positives and negatives of different reference materials and the importance of imparting our critical thinking skills to create an experience that resonates with the viewer.

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