A Side Canal, Venice by James Toogood | Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision

Let’s highlight one of the winners from the Splash Watercolor art competitionA Side Canal, Venice by James Toogood.

Splash: Best of Watercolor  |  A Side Canal, Venice

Watercolor on paper, 14″ x 11″ (36cm x 28cm)

What James Toogood says about his artwork:
In this painting, I wanted a strong feeling of midday sunlight. To do this I made a middle-value sky to contrast with both the light and shadow of the surrounding buildings. Dappled light reflects onto the yellow building from the gentle movement of the water. I also wanted a contrast of color, shape and texture. The rectilinear shapes of the buildings contrast nicely with the graceful curvilinear patterns in the water. The red bricks complement the color and spiky texture of the green asparagus ferns in the foreground. This pattern of contrast continues with the use of vegetation as you look farther down the canal.

James Toogood’s piece A Side Canal, Venice appeared in Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision, published by North Light Books in 2011. Enter the art competition here for your chance to appear in Splash 14 & win other prizes.

Splash: Best of Watercolor Compilation



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