Cascading Snows by Sharon Rajnus | Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision

Cascading Snows, by Sharon Rajnus, is another one of our winners from the Splash Watercolor art competition.

Splash Best of Watercolor Winners  |  Cascading Snows

Watercolor on 300-lb. (640gsm) cold-pressed Arches, 30″ x 22″ (76cm x 56cm)

What Sharon Rajnus says about her artwork:
Spectacular aerial views are the norm from the small planes my husband and I flew over Canada and Alaska. The North is a place of annual return and breeding grounds for the many species of geese of North America. This series celebrates the genesis or beginning of the birds and their trek. Using sketches and photos, numerous thumbnails led to the full-size drawing on 300-lb. (640gsm) cold-pressed Arches. The placement of the birds is as important as the shape of cliffs and ice floes. Technique ranges from soft-edged wash to hard-edged detail.

Sharon Rajnus’s piece Cascading Snows appeared in Splash 12: Celebrating Artistic Vision, published by North Light Books in 2011. Enter the art competition here for your chance to appear in Splash 14 & win other prizes!

Splash: Best of Watercolor Compilation



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