La Reina de la Costa by Geoffrey McCormack | Splash 13: Alternative Approaches

Here is another one of the winners from Splash Watercolor art competition, La Reina de la Costa by Geoffrey McCormack.

Splash Best of Watercolor Winners | La Reina de la Costa

Transparent watercolor with gouache on 300-lb. (640gsm) cold-pressed paper 22″ x 30″ (56cm x 76cm)

Here’s what Geoffrey McCormack said about his artwork:
Hanging in my studio there can be three or four paintings at different stages of completion. While one dries and others wait for me to describe where to take them, I view them for days in mid-process. I have always liked the green masking tape used to control edges, lines and white areas, and noted, “…tape could be an element of the composition while also exposing process.” Drawing with pencil and tape directly on 300-lb. (640gsm) Arches, I develop a composition of rocks, paper, string and now tape. Some tape is removed, revealing whites, and some tape remains, appearing to hold elements and the composition together. The remaining tape is reverse-masked, then removed and the void is painted to look like tape.

Geoffrey McCormack’s piece La Reina de la Costa appeared in Splash 13: Alternative Approaches, published by North Light Books in 2012. Enter the art competition here for your chance to appear in Splash 14 & win other prizes!

Splash 13: Alternative Approaches | The Best of Watercolor



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