Yesterday Morning When I Was Young by Linda Lucas Hardy | Strokes of Genius 4

This week we bring you a gorgeous colored pencil piece from North Light Books’ most recent art competition book, Strokes of Genius 4: Exploring Line: Linda Lucas Hardy’s Yesterday Morning When I Was Young.


Yesterday Morning When I Was Young
Linda Lucas Hardy
Prismacolor on UArt 800 sanded pastel paper
16″ x 25.5″ (41cm x 65cm)

Here’s what Linda says about her art:
An antique store caught my eye while passing through a small town. Being Sunday it was closed; however, there were several interesting things around, including an old tricycle. The sun was high and the shadows long so I took several photos. Later, back in my studio I culled through them and began to think about the age of the tricycle and concluded it may very well have been much like one I enjoyed as a small child. As I worked I began to identify with the tricycle. I decided to leave the wire entangling the wheel and emphasize the rust and fading paint. The little tricycle and I shared a life story, and only we knew what once had been.

Linda Lucas Hardy’s Yesterday Morning When I Was Young appeared in Strokes of Genius 4: Exploring Line, published by North Light Books in October 2012. Check the Strokes competition page in the fall for your chance to appear in Strokes 6 and other art competitions.

Strokes of Genius 4: Exploring Line

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