Strokes of Genius 10 Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 116 artists selected for North Light Books’ drawing competition Strokes of Genius 10: Inspiring Subjects. If you see your name below, please check your email for instructions on next steps. You will receive an email from us with the subject line “Strokes of Genius 10 Winner Notification” no later than September 22nd, 2017.

Artist’s First Name     Artist’s Last Name                      Title

Carrie Alderfer Contemplation
Jennifer Arthur Hooded Merganser
Holly Bedrosian T Rex
Paul Birchak Carnival
Chris Breier Erie Canal -­‐ Lockport, NY
Tracy Butler Old Farmhouse
Robert Caldwell Ristle-­‐tee, Rostle-­‐tee, now,now,now (Raven)
Svetlana Cameron Sofia
Patricia Caviar Garden Refuge
Connie Chadwell “Easy Listening”
Anda Chance The Chop Shop
Stephanie Chang Walking toward light
Mary Chen Forlorn Eyes
Kathy Christian Sitara
Emily Christoff -­‐ Flowers Listening to Mozart
Mike Clapton Needle In The Hay
Pamela Clements Historical Sight
Penny Collins THE HANGED MAN
Colleen Corlett Gorgous George
Cade Cunningham Make a Wish
Barbara Dahlstedt You Can Make a Difference
J. Adam Davis The Dreamer
Mario DiGennaro Silver Tea Set
Kathy Dolan After The Rain
Ron Dunn Larissa -­‐ Cheers!
Carolin Fernandez Free Spirit
Tanja Gant Calista
Ginger Gehres Squabble
Jeff George Note to Self
Marsha Gilger The Bachelor Pad
Hans Guerin In Her Fur Shawl
Gemma Gylling BFF’s -­‐ Save The Elephants
Linda Lucas Hardy It Don’t Make Sense But It’s So Much Fun
Linda Lucas Hardy Pull to Open
Paul Harman Light of a New Day
Jane Hart Ragdoll
Veronica Haskell Lisboa Fountain
Kathy Hildebrandt All That Glitters
Kathy Hildebrandt The Making of Mona
Steven Hill Metallic Sunrise Narrows Canyon
Paul Howe Power
Darren Hughes Marcell’s Morning Blues
Darren Hughes Tawny Frogmouth


Karen Hull Up the Creek
Joel Iskowitz Inspiration of the Lincoln cent
Kate Jenvey Eye to Eye
GeorgeAnn Johnson Lioness Engagement
JuliAnne Jonker Portrait of a Roman man
Phil Kidd The Fall of Man
Anthony Klinger-­‐Cooley Cold Wind
Elena Kolotusha Family ties
Elena Kolotusha I am a Wild thing
Zhiwei Kong My Backpack
Jesse Lane Adrenaline
Catherine Lidden Reclining Nude
Liu Ling Xiao Fang
Mark Loughney High Roller
Yael Maimon Black Cat #5
Yael Maimon Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf #3
Yael Maimon Little Red Riding Hood in the City
Yael Maimon Orange Cat
Suzanne Marcil Clearly Together
Pete Marshall Fantasia Royale
Jody Martin Being Lincoln
Paco Martin Dominguez Mandarins and paper
Angela Matuschka Winter Squirrel
Glen Maxion Summer Notes
donzell mcdonald City Living
Kathleen McDonnell Along The Pond#2
Mark Merchant His Divine Grace
Tara Merkt Eye of the Beholder
Terry Miller No Weather For Sailing
Terry Miller Old Lace
Margaret Minardi Alternative World
Margaret Minardi Last Living Thing
Dale Marie Muller Fold
Andrew Mutch Hampden Reflection
Joe Myers CHIMP
Karie O’Donnell Sarah Entangled
helen oh Dancer
Susan O’Neill Woman in Turquoise
Randy Owen Arkhipov
Chris Page Devan I
Nancy Paquet Body Language
Luis F Perez Death of a Bumble Bee 1
Luis F Perez Toro de Lidia 3
susan perrish Heritage
Audrey Phillips Electric Blue
Susan Cone Porges August Morning, 11 O’Clock at Quarry Rock
Andrew Purdy Bone Yard


Andrew Purdy Urban Patina
Dan Pyle Pageant
Carolyn Quinn-­‐Hensley Cabaret de le Boheme
Ann Ranlett Safety
Randy Redetzke Harleena
Terri Rosenblum Baboon
Susan Rubin Lupine
Ferhat Salgin Serenity
Gayla Salvati Study In Stripe
Elissa Sampson Playing Games With My Heart
David Sandell God and Soldier
Diana Sarkar Conner
Brent Schreiber Listen 21
Bill Shoemaker The Little Rascals
sarah simmonds BLOSSOM
Davis Smith Counting My Blessings
Daniel Sorensen Ciara
Anne Strutz Bunker
Kamaraj Sugumaran I am a day artist
Vicki Sullivan Kinima
Anselmo Swan Coffee Cup
Caleb Tay Blending In
Katherine Thomas Classics
Lucy Tolkunova Dreaming
Cathryne Trachok Leaning In
Melissa B Tubbs Budny Boys
Melissa B Tubbs Howell Home
Sandra Weiner Giraffe Love
Dexter Welcome “The Composer ii”
Mike Wharton Early Thaw
michelle Wiser Armadillo
wei yan Listening


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