The Temple at Water Village Jin Xi by Oscar R. Dizon | Splash 13: Alternative Approaches

This week we will spotlight a winner from our Splash 13: Best of Watercolor art competition, The Temple at Water Village Jin Xi by Oscar R. Dizon.

Splash 13 Competition Winner  |  Oscar R. Dizon

Transparent watercolor on Arches, 29″ x 21″ (74cm x 53cm)

What Oscar R. Dizon says about his artwork:
My paintings are done in my studio, based on photographs I take during vacation travels. If needed, I complement these photos with simple sketches and notations. Precise drawing is very crucial in my work to achieve the goal I set after careful study and planning. Contrary to the established way of watercolor, I reverse the procedure by starting at the main focal point, working with intricate details, and I do the background last. I want to be pleased with the initial result, and work with inspiration and enthusiasm. I use a one-legged metal drafting table that swings in either direction. Sometimes I work on the painting right-side up, and sometimes upside down. This gives me a different viewpoint from which to see more details of the are I am working on.

Oscar R. Dizon’s piece The Temple at Water Village Jin Xi appeared in Splash 13: Alternative Approaches, published by North Light Books in 2012. Enter the art competition here for your chance to appear in Splash 14 & win other prizes!

Splash 13: Alternative Approaches | The Best of Watercolor



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